Detox – Getting off Methadone/Suboxone with Kratom

suboxone detoxing with kratomThis is a topic that is a little bit personal to me, but I felt that I should share it. Before getting on kratom, I had been in Suboxone maintenance for around one year and was taking around 4mg each day, once a day. Over time, the side effects became a pain, and I hated the fact that I felt controlled by this medication. As I had a prescription, I luckily never had to go to a clinic every day like many others that I know.

I managed to get down to 2 mg per day, and decided I would go cold turkey. Bad idea. Within a short period of time, it was hellish and I knew I had to do something quickly, and I didn’t want to start up again.

I remembered a year or so prior a friend mentioning kratom to me, so I hopped online and express shipped 4 ounces to my door and proceeded to make a tea from it. Within 30 minutes, I could not believe the relief that came over me. I did more research on kratom, read as much as I could and immediately bought some more.

Kratom has been a tremendous help for me, and without it, my situation would likely be a lot worse. I feel so much better than I ever did while addicted, I don’t oversleep, I have motivation, I feel subtle emotions like beauty, which tend to be lost in a heavy addiction. I recommend kratom to anyone going through this kind of maintenance, or any opiate abuse.